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TRX Maui Wowi Core Workout - Part 2


TRX Maui Wowi Core Workout - Part 2

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This four-exercise TRX Suspension and Rip Trainer workout from TRX Group Programming and Development Manager Dan McDonogh challenges the legs, arms and back, as well as the anterior core, glutes and posterior chain. This workout also incorporates a rotational component to engage the transverse plane and obliques.  

The Workout:

TRX Superman (5 reps)
Rip Squat with Rotation (5 reps each side)
TRX Overhead Squat    (5 reps)
Rip Hockey Slapshot (5 reps each side)

To increase the metabolic challenge, perform the Rip Training movements rapidly for a timed interval (30 seconds) instead of a set number of reps. This will spike your heart rate for a short period, which you can recover from when you return to the exercises on the Suspension Trainer.

Get your TRX Suspension Trainer here and your TRX Rip Trainer here

(click here for Part 1)