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Running Drills Intro


Revamp Your Run with Matt Dixon

Swim, Run, Bike
TRX Editor

Elite endurance coach Matt Dixon is known worldwide for his innovative approach to endurance training. His method of integrating TRX Suspension Training to develop functional strength in endurance athletes has helped some of the biggest names in triathlon get peak results. Here, he shares exclusively with the TRX Community his tips for enhanced run performance. From correct starting body position and arm swings to high knees and strides, these drills will help you become a stronger, faster and more efficient runner.


Running Drill #1: Arm Swings

Running Drill #2: Lunges

Running Drill #3: High Knees

Running Drill #4: Ham Kicks (aka Butt Kicks)

Running Drill #5: A-Skips

Running Drill #6: Crossovers to Side-to-Sides

Running Drill #7: Strides


If you want more endurance training workouts, check out our TRX for endurance training page.


To get the most out of your endurance training, be it swim, bike or run, it is critical to include a functional strength training program. We recommend performing the TRX Endurance Athlete Workout two to three times a week. For more on Matt Dixon, visit purplepatch fitness.