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Rip Training: The Rip Windmill

Rip Training
TRX Editor

Use this innovative Rip Training exercise to improve functional movement in athletics and life while developing strong core, back and oblique muscles.

To perform the Rip Windmill, stand sideways to the anchor point, Basehand Zone one, Powerhand Zone four, and hold the bar perpendicular to your body. This position on its own can be a tremendous core challenge, so perform the following body checks before you add on intensity.  

1)      Check your posture: Brace in a strong plank with your hips, knees, neck and shoulders aligned.

2)      Check your squat: Perform a perfect squat, bending at the hips, knees and ankles, without losing your lumbar spine curve bending at the lower back or leaning forward.

3)      Check your rotation: While you hold the Rip Trainer in this position, rotate horizontally while keeping your hips, spine and shoulders in line. Imagine your torso is a cylinder. No element turns independently of the others.

Once you have mastered these fundamentals, you can progress to performing a full Rip Windmill. To do this, rotate your torso as a cylinder while performing a squat to draw circles with the end of the Rip Trainer. Start slow and small, then gradually let the circles get bigger, faster and more dynamic.

If you don’t have a Rip Trainer yet and are ready to get after fast, fun, effective workouts that develop your ability to generate and control rotational force, pick one up here today.