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TRX Suspended Burpee


The TRX Burpee

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TRX Editor

We've featured the TRX Burpee in several of our training sequences. Now, here's a closer look at how to do this incredible, metabolically-demanding exercise that provides a powerful extension to the TRX Lunge. The value of this movement cannot be underestimated and it is a mistake to think it's benefits are limited to high-speed metabolic conditioning.


This highly-integrated exercise combines an explosive get-up with a TRX Lunge. Each of these exercises are great on their own but when combined, they offer some very interesting benefits. Hip mobility, single-leg strength and power, core strength and upper-body explosiveness are only a few of the elements that are at work. Additionally there are a number of variations and additions to the exercise that will keep it challenging and interesting.


Have fun integrating this into your training!