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TRX Crossing Balance Lunge


The TRX Crossing Balance Lunge

Suspension Training
TRX Editor

The TRX Crossing Balance Lunge is an excellent exercise to build single-leg strength and core stability for soccer, MMA or any other activity with unilateral lower body movement.  To perform the TRX Crossing Balance Lunge, adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer to Mid-Length, grasp the handles and stand facing the anchor point. 


  • Plant one foot firmly on the ground and raise your opposing leg until your knee is parallel with your hip


  • Lower yourself down and cross the knee of your non-working leg behind the knee of your working leg


  • To stand back up, extend your hips forward while keeping the shin of your working leg vertical

As you perform this exercise, keep your bodyweight equally distributed between your arms and planted leg. Brace your core and keep your eyes on the anchor point throughout the entire movement to help you stay balanced.