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TRX Goes to the Circus

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TRX Editor

DISCLAIMER: Don’t try any moves featured in this video at home, or anywhere for that matter, ever. We do however, strongly encourage you to watch this video.

When British actor, dancer, stuntman and circus performer Darren Tait started working out with the TRX Suspension Trainer, his creativity took him into uncharted waters. Applying the physical creativity that landed him a spot in the Cirque du Soleil production, The Beatles Love. Ultimately he incorporated TRX Suspension Training into his unique training methodology that he calls Cirqus BodyCore.

But you won’t find any clowning around or lumbering elephant parades in Tait’s style. We’re willing to bet you’ve never seen any of these high-level exercises before--we sure haven’t--but they’re a uniquely expressive demonstration of extreme strength, balance, power, mobility and flexibility.

For Tait, the moves in this video represent just another day of expressing himself with TRX in the park. For everyone else, it’s merely a pipe dream probably best left alone.