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RIP Trainer Push Press


TRX Rip Training with STACK

Rip Training
TRX Editor

On this episode of STACK Fitness Weekly, they brought in US National TaeKwon-Do Champion and TRX Director of Rip Training Pete Holman to demonstrate his unique twist on the classic Push Press. “I love the Push Press because it’s a great explosive exercise, but the one problem is it’s pretty much linear; it’s done in the sagittal plane,” said Holman.

Keeping the Push Press in mind, Holman developed a three-dimensional variant of the classic exercise that features a rotational component. The Rip 90-Degree Jump Press develops explosive power and core strength like the Push Press, with the added bonus of improving metabolic conditioning, agility and accuracy.

Perform this movement 10-12 times on each side and repeat for three rounds to improve performance in contact sports like football, or to just get a quick metabolic challenge.