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TRX Spring Training Workout


TRX Tips for Baseball

Sports Performance
TRX Editor

As pro baseball players slide into spring training, they seek every possible advantage to maximize functional strength gains for the grueling 162-game season ahead. The performance enhancer that all 30 MLB teams use universally? TRX. Currently, 100% of MLB teams incorporate TRX into their training to help increase mobility, core strength, total-body strength and the durability they need to go extra innings, all season long.

In this video, Athletes Performance and EXOS founder Mark Verstegen demonstrates a five-exercise TRX workout for building functional strength for baseball players.

Perform 1-3 sets of each exercise, 6-12 reps in each.

1. TRX T Deltoid Fly
2. TRX W Deltoid Fly
3. TRX Y Deltoid Fly
4. TRX Acceleration Load and Lift
5. TRX Single Arm Row

Want to step up your Spring Training even more? The TRX Performance: Team Sports workout is a home run.