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TRX Workout with Inventor Randy Hetrick


Workout with Randy Hetrick

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TRX Editor

The American Council on Exercise (ACE), caught up with TRX Founder and CEO Randy Hetrick at the 2013 TRX Instructor's Summit in San Diego.

In this video, Hetrick first details the evolution of TRX from its birth in the Navy SEALS to the dynamic, world-class training tool used today by people of all ages and fitness levels. Then he takes Pete McCall through a total-body, 15-minute workout, complete with a warm up and cool down. Use this as a quick workout when you're short on time or on the road, or up the intensity when you add it on to a training session. 

Once you've tested out Hetrick’s hand-picked moves, learn more about how you can grow your training business and get more clients with TRX CORE here