Randy Hetrick

Randy Hetrick

Founder & CEO

TRX since April 2004

Favorite Activity: Surfing
Goals: TRX 50/50
TRX 40/40 Challenge: 43/40
“Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you’re right.” - H. Ford
I believe in serendipity


Co-Founder & Canine

TRX since April 2004

Favorite Activity: Chasing a flying plastic disc
Goals: Catch flying plastic disc in my mouth
TRX 40/40 Challenge: Ruff
Favorite Pastime: Napping in Randy’s meetings
I like friendly humans & kitchen scraps
Pete Holmon

Pete Holman

Director of Rip Training

TRX since February 2011

Favorite Activity: Mixed Martial Arts
Goals: Revolutionize the fitness industry
TRX 40/40 Challenge: 30/30
“In every passionate pursuit, the pursuit counts more than the object being pursued.” - B. Lee
Dan McDonogh

Dan McDonogh

Group Training & Development Manager

TRX since February 2009

Favorite Activity: Cycling
Goals: Complete all three LIVESTRONG Challenge Rides
TRX 40/40 Challenge: 33/30
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Randy Hetrick On Forbes.com 04.03.14 TRX News + Events “TRX® training tools were created by founder and inventor Randy Hetrick after he spent 14 years serving as a Navy SEAL, culminating his career as a Squadron Commander at the SEAL Teams’ elite special missions unit (SMU).  As a...
TRX Featured in Fitness Magazine 03.19.14 TRX News + Events “There is a simple tool in your gym that can turn up the toning of just about any body-weight move you do. And if you haven’t gotten the grip of a TRX Suspension Trainer yet, here’s your hookup. ‘You’ll recruit more...