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Endurance obstacle and adventure races present you the unique opportunity to apply your strength, power, endurance, agility and skill while having fun with friends on courses that test your mettle. Whether you want to conquer the cityscape in your first Men’s Health Urbanathlon, grind it out at a GORUCK Challenge or strap on your dirt snorkel for a Tough Mudder, TRX Training helps you develop the functional fitness you need to find your best performance when the going gets treacherous. On this page you’ll find a wealth of resources for training for an endurance obstacle or adventure race with TRX.

TRX for Endurance Obstacle and Adventure Race Training:
If you want to wear the horns of a Warrior, charge to the end of a Spartan Race or plow through thick mud with real toughness while braving the searing kiss of electro shock, you must prepare accordingly. Functional strength training uses whole-body, integrated movements that directly enhance your ability to perform tasks, skills, activities and sports like endurance obstacle and adventure racing.

Preacher curls, donkey calf raises and pec deck fly’s might look great in the globo gym mirror, but they don’t exactly set the stage for success when the starter’s cannon goes off and it’s time to leap through fire, scale eight-foot walls and crawl under barbed wire. TRX Training produces superior functional fitness that will help you outlast any challenge and look and feel your best. TRX Suspension Training and Rip Training use your own leveraged bodyweight and progressive elastic resistance to engage your entire body and develop the functional strength you need to slay on race day.

Born in the Navy SEALs, Used in All Branches of Service
The creators of many popular endurance obstacle and adventure races found the inspiration to create these events from their previous careers in the military and as special forces operators. In order to succeed in these and other races, you need to be able to go the distance, apply your functional strength and be durable to minimize the risk of injury. Born of necessity in the Navy SEAL teams, TRX sets the standard in functional training for tactical athletes who use many of the same skills as athletes who compete in endurance adventure and obstacle races. TRX draws on its vast experience working with tactical athletes in every branch of the United States military and first responders in order to perfect its gear and develop best-in-class, functionally-tasked training programs. This heritage and applied practical knowledge maps directly to the conditions and challenges you’ll face in endurance adventure and obstacle races.


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