Flexibility and Mobility Training

Developing functional flexibility and mobility helps you stay fit and prevent injuries. TRX Training helps you efficiently and effectively develop the functional flexibility and mobility you need to build a stronger, faster, more powerful and durable body. This page provides the information you need to know to use TRX Training to increase your flexibility and mobility.

What are Flexibility and Mobility:
We use the term “flexibility” to refer to the total available range of motion around a joint. However, flexibility does not necessarily translate to moving well. We use “mobility” to express how well you can move through the appropriate functional range of motion for a joint within a given movement pattern.

Why are Flexibility and Mobility Training Important:  
To get the most out of your body and training for life and sport, you must make flexibility and mobility training part of your workout program. In order to perform exercises or physical activities pain and injury-free, you need to have the appropriate level of flexibility and mobility to go through the full range of motion. If you don’t, you will either short-stroke the movement or force yourself through it. As a result, you won’t move or feel better and could potentially injure yourself.

Why You Should Incorporate TRX in your Flexibility and Mobility Training:
The TRX Suspension Trainer allows you to unload and leverage your bodyweight while performing strength, mobility and flexibility exercises. This enables you to instantly modify any exercise to your available range of motion or level of strength and safely and appropriately improve your functional mobility and flexibility over time.


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Flexibility and Mobility Workouts
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