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As a TRX Qualified education graduate, take the next step to advance your training and join TRX CORE, our exclusive membership program for trainers to help you stay competitive by partnering with the world-class TRX brand.

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Annual Membership $299.95 (less than $25 per month). Only available in US and Canada.

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Ongoing Content

Exercise and training videos, quarterly real-time workouts and special features providing expert instruction and programming to keep your training fresh and business tips to help you get more clients.

TRX Directory

Premium profile and placement in the Directory will showcase your TRX Rank & Qualifications to drive new clients to your door.

Marketing Tools

Stand out with customizable TRX postcards and the TRX CORE logo for an easy way to promote yourself and provide a lasting impression with potential clients.

CORE Member Discounts

Save 20% on web purchases for gear, apparel, education and more.

TRX Rank

Earn your rank through TRX education courses and events. Get more clients as you move up in rank with a higher profile in the TRX Directory, and the next level wristband and shoulder badge to prove it.

Exclusive Apparel

Differentiate yourself with the Join the CORE T-shirt you receive when you join.

TRX Trainer Events

TRX Trainer Events are advanced learning and sharing opportunities for all TRX Qualified trainers.

Ambassador Program

Leverage this exclusive referral program to pass along special deals to your clients while earning commissions on every sale.


Discounts on pre-made music through our music partners and community generated music lists to save you time – and money.


Learn, share and grow with other TRX CORE members to continue learning with training tips and best practices to help you succeed.

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TRX CORE membership is totally worth it. Great and abundant content. Extremely helpful in your journey with TRX training.
MY take on TRX Suspension Training, Human Movement is evolving towards enhancing functional development by exercising while standing, posterior alignment , anti- rotation, rotation, and the ability to improve the most neglected movement pattern, the transverse plan. Everyday movement is defined as functional strength. When we're working stability we recruit more muscles to generate efficient strength and power. Suspension Training is more than a foundation, its a progressive lifestyle and the never ending tool to perform! without suspension training, we're nothing, because stability begins to diminish while function relies on unnecessary muscle activation. Suspension Training is, -The preventer -The Edge -The instigator to push for proper function
The core is perfect probably one of the best ideas to help us trainers continue to help others.
Love TRX core.
At this point I can't give too many stars since I just purchased it and have not gotten much opportunity to benefit from it. I give 3 because at this point I have been able to access a lot of great content online through my CORE membership.
TRX Core- What a great platform! Great content and instructional videos. I really like that you incorporate valuable information on the business side of being a trainer as well. That is a real benefit for new trainers looking to get started on their own. Also, I like the directory option which easily helps you find TRX trainers across the country. Very nicely done!
Je suis impressionnée par le contenu de qualité supérieure de "CORE". Je suis fière de faire partie de cette exceptionnelle équipe de professionnels. I am impressed by the high level content of the "CORE" and it makes me very proud to be a part of this exceptional team of professionals. Invest in yourself and JOIN THE CORE !
Join the Core, you will not be sorry! The content is unreal and the opportunity to connect with other TRX Professionals is worth every penny! Invest in yourself!
Even though I've been teaching TRX for years, there's SO much more content to be seen and used here on the Core. This is perfect for me since I teach multiple TRX classes per week and am always looking for exercises/combos to keep my participants interested, feeling strong, and enrolling for my bootcamp time and again. Thanks!
When I first heard that TRX was launching the CORE Program, I knew that it would be an awesome, valuable resource for myself and other fitness professionals around the world. I was immediately blown away by the amount of video and blog content that was already posted, and more is coming! Other perks such as the ongoing 20% discount on both gear AND educational courses, as well as regular music playlists have been great additions. I'd recommend any fitness pro who is looking to become a better trainer & build their business to join the TRX Core!
WOW! I was blown away at the abundance of content & material that is available once you Join The CORE! The content is not only unbelievably educational & informative, but it's also very clear and concise. This will ensure that you take away as much information as possible, and to enable you to incorporate the material in your or your clients training. If you want to separate yourself from the rest of the Fitness Industry and become the best you possibly can......I suggest you decide to Join The CORE!
A wealth of information and support! There is so much here it is so worth the Investment. I can see this being definitely a staple of any trainer who specializes in TRX. Way to go guys keep up the great work!!!!

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