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TRX Performance: Drew Brees Workout

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Take your performance to the next level with MVP Quarterback Drew Brees and his trainer Todd Durkin in this download that includes 4 key TRX circuits and a printable workout guide. Download it to your mobile device and take it with you anywhere.

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This download features 4 of MVP Quarterback Drew Brees’ TRX Suspension Training bodyweight exercise routines, as well as a workout guide that you can print out or download to your phone and take with you anywhere. This training program kicks off with Drew's shoulder circuit, followed by a core and lower body routine and then finishes with speed, agility and balance work. Complete all four circuits or integrate portions into your training regimen. This download also features Todd Durkin, personal trainer to dozens of elite NFL, MLB, and professional athletes including LaDainian Tomlinson, Donnie Edwards and Quentin Jammer. Take on the same routines as elite pro athletes, scaled to whatever difficulty and intensity you need.

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One of my least favorite TRX videos. I'm guessing it's a 20 min workout in a 40 min video. Todd Durkin yells incessantly; he only has one volume and it's really loud. The exercises don't start until 4 minutes in, the exercises end with 4 minutes left. and the transitions between exercises are sometimes really slow. The slow transitions weren't consistent, suggesting they weren't intentional. I didn't mind the fact that Todd Durkin never stopped talking while Drew Brees was doing the exercises (like hanging out in plank). Unless you're a huge fan of Drew Brees or Todd Durkin, I wouldn't recommend this. The video has the form problems another reviewer mentioned. It's annoying to break up your workout with really slow transitions. And, it costs twice as much as the other TRX downloads.
This was disappointing, especially knowing, understanding and using the TRX since 2008. There were several things wrong, I'll only highlight a few: 1. Who conducted the quality control on the video before it was released? - Improper form during the "I, Y's and T's", there was excessive slack in the TRX at the top of the movements for each exercise. Somebody help that trainer out. - The incline push-up was horrible. At one time all Drew Brees did was let his leg drop into an "L" shape and his upper body still was nearly parallel to the ground. Recommend watching TRX's Incline Press video in their own online exercise video library - now that's an incline push-up! - Why is their a guy in the background in 80's shorts doing bird dogs? 2. Where is the program design? What am I to do with these circuits? Apply all to one day a week into a current program or insert them individually based on my current program? Don't know, do you? There was absolutely no discussion about program design and what to do with these circuits or even if it is a stand-alone workout. Very disappointing in this aspect. 3. Todd Durkin may know his stuff, but he is annoying. Drew Brees is actually a better speaker and was more genuine. Durkin gave off a lot of false bravado, motivation, and he kissed a lot of...... TRX should have just let Drew Brees do the video - it would have been a more professional and worthy product. thanks
While not a beginner workout, this workout delivers what it promises, high end pro level moves. Todd is great and Drew is the real deal. Its a full body workout and since its electronic you can put it in your ipod and take it with you. I like it,
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