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TRX Strength & Flexibility Workout

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In this 30-minute real-time workout, we focus on ankle, hip, knee and T-spine mobility. You need to use your body’s full range of motion to get as strong, agile and powerful as you can be.

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Like brushing your teeth, mobility is one of those things that you should be doing every day. Having a full range of motion is critical in everything else you're trying to do in sport and life. So this workout gives you two complete mobility segments that should take 10-15 minutes each. We recommend you do one of them every day, either before your workout or as a standalone workout on rest or active recovery days. The workout features expert coaching insights for beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions of each exercise. The included Visual Guide shows the intermediate-level progression in mobile PDF format. All content is downloadable to your mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: Get Mobile.

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Dustin Yoder
As a new instructor to group suspension training, I appreciate hearing the cues and seeing the hands-on form adjustments to help students get the most out of their training session. It's also great to hear why the program was designed and what goals the program should achieve; this really helps me to think about the whole picture when I'm sitting down to write the profiles for my class. I really liked learning some new exercises that built upon the basics covered in the Suspension Training Course--the clock press and row and walking press and row were worth the cost of the video. Thank you for another great programming tool!
First, sorry for my english... Well, i like TRX TV because give to us some new information. Sometimes we dont have too much to think about new exercises, and this came to help us. There's only one thing i can purpose: what about subtitles for videos? I think some peoples couldn't follow the content because they dont speak english. So, portuguese or spanish subtitles could be a good idea! By and thanks!!
Irene McCormick
I appreciated the emphasis on the beginning movement quality offering movement preparation with an emphasis on range of motion and stability as opposed to "just hitting" the exercises immediately and skipping a warm up. Wonderful use of group demonstrations providing appropriate progressions and regressions with the three athletes. I loved the comment "find the contraction before you get into the position of the exercise." That can help users understand that these are more than just "exercises" but body positions that can be super functional if the brain body connection exists and is reinforced with exercises that need the engagement in order to work. I also liked the continuity of the movements such as the "walking" series of exercises. Great job Chris with the consistent, flowing and easy to follow movement cues.
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Medium 7 - 9 8.5 - 10.5
Large 9.5 - 11.5 11 - 13
X-Large 12 + -
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Small 30"/72cm 20"/51cm
Medium 32"/81cm 21"/53cm
Large 34"/86cm 21"/53cm
X-Large 36"/91cm 22"/56cm
XX-Large 38-40"/99cm 22"/56cm