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Athletic Coaches

TRX Training maximizes muscle recruitment by leveraging the user’s bodyweight as resistance. This requires constant engagement of both primary and stabilizing muscle groups to simulate the full spectrum of demands the body encounters on the field.

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Why Use TRX

Portable Workout
Maintaining consistency in your athletes’ training can be a challenge given the myriad situations you find yourself in as a coach. TRX Training equipment is lightweight and portable so you can train from goal posts, squat racks, door frames or any other secure overhead anchor point, providing your athletes with consistent workouts anytime, anywhere.

Scalable for All Ability Levels
TRX Training provides an appropriate level of difficulty for every athlete from elite pros to rehabilitating weekend players. Because the difficulty of an exercise is determined by the user’s position relative to the anchor point, any movement can be modified to accommodate any level of fitness.


  • Improve durability and muscular endurance 
  • Rehabilitate an injury
  • Increase mobility, flexibility, and overall durability
  • Maintain consistency in your training

Who’s using TRX

Todd Durkin

Darren Burgess (Liverpool FC)

Bryan Doo (Boston Celtics)

Dwight Daub (Oklahoma City Thunder)

Mike Boyle

Robert “Dos” Remedios

Lee Nobes (Manchester FC)

Jon Chaimberg

“The TRX is my favorite ‘utility player’ in the equipment bullpen. Your imagination is the only limitation on the possibilities with TRX. It saves space and provides incomparable return on investment. It’s a no brainer that everyone should add TRX to their programming.”
Kyle Thorne, Strength & Conditioning Coach
“I think Functional Training such as that offered by the TRX allows the players to improve their strength and power in a football-specific manner. Because there are no bars, plates or dumbbells the players can use their own resistance in any plane and any movement”
Darren Burgess
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