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TRX is the trusted name in training equipment, workout programming and professional education for personal trainers and fitness professionals who want scalable, versatile, and portable solutions in every field from elite pros to rehab practitioners.

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Why they use TRX

Versatile and Scalable
TRX knows that a typical day of work for a trainer involves dramatically different needs, from rehabilitation, to weight-loss, to building explosive strength and power.  TRX Training offers unlimited scaling and versatility with minimal, portable gear that lets you easily find the correct exercise and difficulty level for any client’s fitness needs.

Portable and Easy to Set Up
As a trainer, you often don’t know what kind of equipment you will have access to throughout the day, making it challenging to maintain consistency in your client’s workouts. Because TRX training tools easily set up on any sturdy anchor point, you’ll have access to virtually limitless exercises, across every modality anywhere, anytime.

Differentiate yourself
With industry-leading equipment, workout programs, and professional education, TRX has earned the trust of top-tier trainers the world over. Take one of our professional education courses, differentiate yourself from the competition and earn the bonus of having your name added to the TRX Trainer Directory.

Ideal for

  • Training clients virtually anywhere 
  • Two tools scalable for all fitness levels and goals
  • Make yourself stand out from the competition
  • Developing functional strength and core stability

Who's using TRX

Gunnar Peterson

Todd Durkin

Mike Boyle

Leigh Crews



24Hour Fitness

Virgin Active

GoodLife Fitness

"The TRX TEAM program as part of the TRX R4 solution has brought a whole new dimension to our clubs. It offered even more value than we expected with fully supported training, programming and marketing support. I would recommend any Personal Training department or club to look into the TRX R4 solution as it will add more to a facility, than any other training program. Overall, the bar has been raised at our company and we are thrilled with the program."
Carrie Sattler
General Manager, Yakima Athletic Club/YAC Fitness
“Like most experienced strength and conditioning coaches, I’m wary of new training devices until using them myself and evaluating their efficacy. After using the TRX for over a year, I can honestly say the TRX is the real deal. I have used the TRX with a truly diverse population with the same results. The TRX can be utilized by the absolute beginner or the highest level athlete, and what’s truly amazing is that the beginner can be just as proficient as the professional athlete on the TRX. What other training tool can make that claim?”
David B. Grant, BA, CSCS, CPT
Owner & Director, SPEED Training Center
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