Host a TRX Course

Hosting a TRX® Professional Education Course is an innovative way to differentiate your facility and get your trainers the education they need – along with valuable CECs – with the most versatile and functional piece of fitness equipment on the market.

You provide the facility, TRX will take care of the rest. These best-in-class TRX Professional Education Courses are lead by industry leaders with a curriculum designed for success. As a host facility, TRX will support your facility with the education you need to increase member retention, drive revenue and increase your marketability. TRX has educated more than 40,000 fitness professionals and military personnel since 2005. Join the movement and host a course today!

Host Facility Benefits

  • Up to two free enrollments (Up to $700 value!)
  • A dedicated web page that promotes your facility on
  • Course promotion in our marketing emails to over 65,000 fitness professionals
  • Course promotion at tradeshows
  • Marketing support (posters, postcards, press release templates, images, sales, etc)
  • CEC offerings from major accrediting organizations
  • Course listed on partner site PT on the Net
  • Course logistics and administration handled by TRX
  • Listing in the TRX Directory
  • Support from your TRX Territory Manager on how to develop a successful TRX training program at your facility

Host Facility Requirements

  • Ten sturdy attachment points between 7-9 feet in height, with 5-10 feet of workout space each and structurally sound to bear the body weight of the student (Suspension Training Courses)
  • Ten sturdy attachment points, 4-5 feet in height, each with 6 feet width and 16 feet long of workout space. 30 by 30 room minimum (Rip Training Courses)
  • Space large enough to accommodate 16 to 20 attendees comfortably
  • Proximity to a major city
  • Space is quiet, comfortable and conducive to learning
  • Facility available on a Saturday or Sunday for approximately 9 hours (e.g., 8:30am to 5:30pm)
  • Sufficient parking and/or public transportation available
  • At least one staff member to assist on the day of the course
  • Willingness to partner and work with TRX to create a successful and educational experience for everyone
  • Facility owns at least 10 authentic TRX Suspension Trainers or Rip Trainers for use during the course

****Exclusive Onsite Training also available. 

Contact your Territory Representative for more information. 

Interested in hosting a course?

Contact your Territory Rep for more information