Advancing the Movement-Based Training Revolution at VASA Fitness with TRX MAPS

As VASA Fitness has grown to more than 200,000 members and expanded from its home state of Utah to multiple Colorado locations, leaders of the company’s training staff have always preached the importance of movement-based training. But getting clients to practice and fully buy in to this philosophy has always been a challenge.

That’s why VASA Fitness turned to TRX MAPS, which offers scores in Movement, Activation, Posture, Symmetry and overall movement quality within 30 seconds of someone doing three unweighted overhead squats, and then delivers a set of personalized corrective exercises that address areas of weakness.

“We needed a way to close the gap between what we communicate and how our clients actually train,” said RJ Rice, VASA’s director of personal training. “It’s a better way to start the conversation about the importance of movement quality and helps ensure our members and training staff are on the same page.”

VASA Fitness trainers have traditionally used several methodologies for evaluating each client’s movement. While they will continue to utilize these in certain scenarios, RJ explained that there were some limitations.

“Other movement assessments take a long time and are hard to administer in group settings,” he said. “TRX MAPS, on the other hand, makes it easy to do a quick movement assessment. With the more in-depth evaluations we’d sometimes only do them once, so there’s no way for the client to see their progress. But with TRX MAPS they can re-test frequently and easily. Seeing improvements helps keep them engaged and motivated.”

RJ and his colleagues are finding that TRX MAPS is particularly useful when working with clients who have limited range of motion, mobility and stability.

“I’ve been training a lady who’s in her 60s for about a month,” RJ said. “Her upper and lower body mobility is very limited and she gets frustrated with that. In this morning’s session she was able to touch her elbows to the ground for the first time when doing some slides, and was really encouraged. I’ve gotten her in the habit of doing a TRX MAPS scan every time she comes into the building, so she can see how she’s continually getting better.”

It’s not just the senior population that sometimes has Mobility, Activation, Posture or Symmetry challenges, but also athletes with higher fitness and skill levels. RJ and his team have seen how TRX MAPS is also helping such clients up their game.

“The members at our South Jordan location are pretty educated about fitness and many of them are in really good shape,” RJ said. “But when they do a TRX MAPS scan for the first time, their Mobility score is often a lot lower than they expected. This is a wake-up call for them to focus more on their movement quality and to do more mobility work before and after they work out.”

The trainers aren’t the only ones at VASA Fitness who are benefiting from the convenient movement assessment that TRX MAPS provides.

“We trained our sales staff on how to use TRX MAPS and they’re excited to get members to try it,” RJ said. “It’s so easy for them to talk training now which makes it easier for us to show the value of personal training and our movement quality-based approach from the moment a new member walks in the door. TRX MAPS has been hugely beneficial.”

As a fast-growing company every VASA location has a lot of member traffic. RJ and his team took this into consideration when thinking about where to put the TRX MAPS kiosk.

“We wanted all our members to try TRX MAPS and so where we placed it was key,” he said. “We found an area that gets enough people coming by without the kiosk being overrun. We also made sure we put it somewhere that was convenient for our sales staff, so that they could walk people through the scan, explain why it’s useful and then refer them to a trainer.”

Like TRX, VASA Fitness has always emphasized that moving well is essential, whether a client is trying to get stronger, lose weight or achieve a sports-specific goal. With TRX MAPS, their trainers are now able to combine theory and practice around this concept for the first time.

“In the past, we could only talk about our movement-based training philosophy in conceptual terms, and it was hard to get members to understand it,” RJ said. “With TRX MAPS we have this quantitative way to measure their movement, and when they see their scores up on the screen it clicks for them. It’s an easy way to get people to care about the quality of their movement.”


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