Anytime Fitness & TRX Studio Line Make A Perfect Pair

This past weekend, thousands of Anytime Fitness franchisees gathered in Louisville, Kentucky to get up to speed on what’s new with the company and industry during the Anytime Fitness Annual Conference.

We were excited to also be onsite so that we could mingle with so many passionate professionals who have made it their mission to provide incredible spaces and experiences for their customers.

For a long time, TRX has had the unique opportunity to support many areas of the Anytime Fitness club—from personal training activations to group fitness. Now, as an industry leader in functional training, we are even more aligned with the future of the Anytime Fitness club experience. TRX is right in its wheelhouse as we help franchisees design their purple turf spaces with big wow-factor. We were glad to be able to showcase these items at the event and offer solutions for franchisees to discover the many ways they can develop a remarkable club environment.

One such individual, Elizabeth Hunt, a US Air Force Veteran and Anytime Fitness Franchisee, and her husband attended the event in hopes of expanding their knowledge and getting a boost of motivation.

“We haven’t opened our club yet, but we didn’t want to miss out on the amazing speakers brought in to promote self improvement and garner new business savvy practices,” she says. “The opportunity to network with seasoned owners and vendors is also a reason we’d never pass up on attending!”

It didn’t take long to receive a payoff, she adds.

Elizabeth Hunt Anytime Fitness Franchisee Alabama (1)

“The first night just fills any void in your tank! The excitement in seeing everyone from your business consultant to friends, seeing the teams all swagged out, having Chuck and Dave (two of Anytime Fitness’s three founders) kick-start us off sets the tone for what we know is amazingness to come!”

Another reason Elizabeth and her husband, who are based in Dothan, Alabama, attended the event was to gain insight on the many products and services they could offer their members once their doors open. As a veteran, she knew that partnering with TRX was a no-brainer.

“Having been attached to Special Operations for 9 years, I deployed to myriad places without a gym; our only stress relief in those environments is exercise, so we needed a viable transient solution,” says the veteran. “Since TRX was founded by a former USN Seal, a lot of our Special Ops bubbas were able to obtain kits for us to take down range and affix to anything that would hold our weight! From my very first push-up via TRX, I respected the value in body weight functional training.”

Like so many trainers and coaches who have incorporated TRX’s various tools into their repertoire, Elizabeth finds that it meets a need that not all pieces of equipment and training options can fulfill.

“TRX is really for every single body—I knew it was imperative we offer a TRX zone in our gym to accommodate our seniors, women who might be too intimidated to use free weights and for every member to add some versatility and proof of movement. My husband and I are still pursuing continued education through the TRX syllabus to ensure we provide superior training to our members.

To make sure her members get the ultimate TRX experience, Elizabeth’s new studio will feature the TRX Studio Line Bay training zone.

Elizabeth isn’t the only Anytime franchisee to understand the benefits of creating a dedicated TRX area in the gym. Brothers Adam and Michael Orecchio, who recently opened a newly constructed Anytime Fitness facility in Cliffside, New Jersey, share Elizabeth’s sentiments. So, they decided to outfit their brand new 6,600 square foot space with a 21-foot TRX Bridge. The brothers explain that they appreciate the versatility and accessibility of TRX products and wanted to capitalize on the popularity of group training.

“We also wanted to give the gym a mix of a standard big box and studio feel,” Michael says.


They believed that the bridge could enhance that studio feel. Plus, because of the gym’s set-up, they had limited wall space, which meant there wasn’t much room to install TRX wall mounts. Offering TRX to their members was a must so they investigated their options, discovered the Studio Line and settled on the bridge. Adam and Michael determined that the bridge was perfect for the space because, even though it’s large in size, it doesn’t eat up floor space, which was important to them.

“The bridge allowed us more flexibility,” he says.

Since the soft opening in mid-August, the gym has attracted 225 members and the Orecchio brothers believe that the TRX Bridge is partly the reason why.

Adam explains, “It’s got all the bells and whistles like kettlebells, slam balls, medicine balls, monkey bars, battle ropes—we wanted to get the most impressive setup. We like how it’s an attention-grabber; it makes us stand out from other studios that have TRX, but don’t have the bridge. People are drawn to it when we take them on gym tours.”


 Marquise Abel, the location’s fitness director and group program creator, has been a longtime TRX fan and is thrilled to have the tools at his disposal.

“The members really enjoy it,” he says. “It’s a great for people with workout limitations. Plus, it places people next to one another, but with enough space so that they’re not too close together.”

Currently, Marquise and the facility’s trainers lead four to six classes daily and average about six or seven participants per class. They expect those numbers to grow as more people in the Cliffside Park community learn about the gym and TRX.

“I feel the TRX rig is a must-have piece of a equipment as part of your functional training area,” Marquise adds. “It naturally gives the member ample amount of space to perform any TRX exercises without feeling crowded. In addition, the storage space for all the functional equipment built into the rig makes it very user friendly and keeps everything organized. Lastly, with all the components it offers like monkey bars, hooks for bands and pull stations, this TRX rig provides the freedom to be creative while designing your functional training workout.”

Have you thought about incorporating the TRX Studio Line into your facility? Learn more here.

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