e3 Fitness Leverages TRX MAPS

e3 Fitness, out of Denver, Colorado, is taking full advantage of everything that TRX MAPS has to offer. They are using MAPS to drive business (including personal training revenue), become more efficient, and connect with their members in a whole new way. While doing so they have received quite a bit of news coverage - check out a few stories on e3 + TRX MAPS below.


Channel 9News out of Denver, Colorado linked up with the owner of e3 Fitness, Clint Gehde, to check out what TRX MAPS is doing for e3 members.


 Club Solutions also chats with Gehde out of e3 Fitness to dive deeper into the benefit of body scanning technologies. "We use TRX MAPS as a way to get the training session started," explains Gehde. "It's a great tool to enhance the depth of the session we want to give the member." Read full article here. 

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