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Creating Touch Points  
One of the most effective tactics in helping clients achieve their goals is to be proactive about increasing client engagement. While that sounds pretty obvious, there are some high effective ways of doing this. Outside of the dedicated few that purchase a personal training package and show up raring to go for every session, it’s hard to create touch points with many clients. A lot of them can drift in and out of your training facility with their headphones on, never speaking to or interacting with you or their fellow gym-goers. For those that are intrinsically motivated and know enough to create a program that gets them to their goals, such isolation is fine. But that’s not the majority.

The rest of your clientele need something extra if they’re to have any hope of sticking with a routine or improving their long-term health and wellness. Fitness technology companies think very carefully about this when designing new products. The first generation of wearables merely displayed steps, lap times and other simple data in an unengaging way. But in recent years the folks in Silicon Valley have upped their game significantly, even going so far as to employ behavioral psychologists to create the next generation of truly immersive devices that appeal to our senses and positively reinforce active behaviors (for more on this intentional design, see Adam Alter’s book Irresistible).

Now when you reach a goal for a day or specific workout, you might hear an audible ding. Certain apps like Strava encourage you to earn badges and accolades you can proudly display in a virtual trophy case and offer you the chance to claim titles likeKing of the Mountain. It’s not by accident that the apps and devices that create the strongest feedback loops now have millions of users worldwide in a market segment that’s only going to expand over the next few years.

Such technology works great for companies targeting individual consumers, but what about you and your training business? One of the latest engagement-promoting innovations you can take advantage of to boost engagement is TRX MAPS, which delivers a full-body movement assessment in just 30 seconds. To use it, a client performs three unweighted overhead squats in front of a screen. Advanced 3D motion capture technology accumulates thousands of data points, feeds them into a proprietary algorithm developed by exercise scientists and condenses the data into simple, visual results displayed on the screen and sent to the client via email. They receive four scores on an easy-to-understand scale of 0 (worst) to 100 (best) – one each for Movement, Activation, Posture and Symmetry, plus a composite overall movement score.

The TRX MAPS system then displays a list of corrective exercises that will help the client resolve dysfunctions and asymmetries. They can do these before, during or after their workout, and then re-test to see if they get a better score – the first gamification element of TRX MAPS (a fancy word for, in this case, turning the pursuit of better movement quality into a game). By doing movement scans regularly, the client can see how he or she progresses over time and can compare scores with friends and training partners. We know that competition increases performance, so this is the second way that TRX MAPS gamification not only improves engagement, but also outcomes. In addition, the system can help reduce attrition among current members and attract new ones with a “wow factor” that your competitors can’t match. Plus, you’ll help the New Year’s resolutions crowd keep going in pursuit of their goals.

Boost Your PT Revenue with TRX MAPS

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With the influx of people who’ve recently come to your gym or studio in the last month and a half intent on finally making good on their “get fit” resolution, it’s tempting to be satisfied with the member enrollment boost. But doing so will prevent you from making the most of the opportunity that this new crop of newbies presents.

TRX MAPS might not seem like the most obvious way to get new members on board with personal training programs. (After all, the system is designed to be very user friendly, thus, a handful of members will be fine using TRX MAPS on their own - and this self-guided process can yield significant results). Yet many people, particularly those who have been sedentary their whole lives or who are just returning to physical activity after a lengthy layoff or getting hurt, need expert help to tap into the potential for advancement that TRX MAPS offers. Those with more serious movement deficiencies, injury-related restrictions or glaring asymmetries often need someone to guide them down a productive path that will lead to lasting improvement over time. Plus the combination of accountability and having skin in the game that only personal training can provide.

TRX MAPS creates the opportunity for your staff coaches to step in and help such people. It doesn’t need to be the end of the road, but can instead become merely a starting point that leads you to performing a more in-depth assessment such as the Functional Movement Screen (FMS). We’ve found that doing so often leads to an opportunity to create a tailored personal training program for the members that will eliminate their movement deficiencies and give them the satisfaction of achieving small and continuous wins in each session. At the typical gym, only eight percent of clients are involved in personal or group training. TRX MAPS gives you a great way to engage with the other 92 percent, and drives a quick return on investment for the system itself.

Rachel Maxon, fitness director at JCC Rochester, told us that her team had brought in $15,000 in new business in a single week by using TRX MAPS to help secure long-term coaching commitments from two high school crew teams. Within just two months, TRX MAPS had delivered a five-fold return on JCC Rochester’s investment.

For a client, it can often seem intrusive for a coach to interrupt their workout and pitch personal training. In contrast, TRX MAPS provides a natural conversation-starter, which empowers you to offer people deeper insight into an area that they may have little to no understanding of. Rather than seeming pushy, following up a movement scan with some further guidance comes off as being helpful and instructive. Going from the TRX MAPS system to a guided session that may or may not include a more detailed assessment also shows new members that you have an intentional process at your facility that is designed to meet their needs and improve their performance.

Similarly, Gretchen Ritter from the Bay Club Company told Club Solutions Magazine that while technology often attempts to eliminate coaching, TRX MAPS, “validates and supports the trainers, so from a revenue generating standpoint, it’s amazing.”

It’s also a great way to improve communication on a face-to-face basis, while at the same time providing a new way to interact via a digital platform. Plus, TRX MAPS offers the benefits of gamification, allowing friends to compete against each other and showing members their progress over time as you help them optimize their movement. So no matter what revenue growth targets you set for 2019, TRX MAPS is one way to help you achieve them, even as you enable members to meet their own aims.

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