Leading Boutique Stretching Franchise Launches Revolutionary TRX MAPS Technology in Studios Nationwide 

Published by StretchLab 

StretchLab Stays a Cut Above with Machine that Measures and Analyzes Movement Inefficiencies
IRVINE, Calif., Jan. 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- StretchLab, the national assisted stretching franchise, is reaching for new heights with the integration of TRX MAPS powered by Physmodo Technology into its programming. The company announced today that the revolutionary machine which identifies movement inefficiencies across four critical categories – mobility, activation, posture and symmetry (MAPS) – will be rolling out in its 50-plus studios nationwide over the next few months, as well as all locations in development. StretchLab is the first assisted stretching brand to utilize this technology and has partnered with TRX to be the only assisted stretching brand that will use MAPS.
At StretchLab, clients work one-on-one with highly trained Flexologists™ in an open, modern and friendly environment to increase mobility and flexibility and achieve a deeper, more advanced stretch than one can get on their own. Once an oft-neglected and overlooked area of fitness, deep stretching is scientifically proven to be one of the most effective ways to decrease pain, lower risk of injury and provide people the ability to perform better at work, in the gym and in everyday life.
The TRX MAPS machine will be a huge asset to StretchLab's offerings as technology continues to permeate the boutique fitness and wellness industry. MAPS uses 3-D technology to perform a total body movement assessment scan in under 30 seconds, as users perform 3 body-weight squats. Results are delivered on-screen and via email, which will allow StretchLab's Flexologists to better serve the needs of its diverse members by fostering a customized movement plan and offering a measurable way to see progress in flexibility.


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