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TRX Provides Customized Solutions for Fitness Centers of All Types

TRX, specifically Studio Line is quickly becoming a staple for hotels and multi family housing complexes, due to its unique ability to address the most common challenges, namely space utilization and functionality.

TRX Studio Line and its line of functional training tools helps to effectively maximize space, provide a wide breadth of products and create highly organized space with an optimal aesthetic appeal. TRX will also work with you to provide scalable and effective options maximize the guest and member experience.


Space Design
TRX will work with you from start to finish to concept, design, develop, and deliver the perfect space to maximize your functional training needs.
As one of the biggest brands in the fitness industry, work with TRX to help differentiate your business and stand-out to guests and members.
Whether using technology, or TRX’s industry leading programming content, TRX will work with you to ensure your guests or members have access to tools they need to maximize their training experience.
TRX and The Westin

Westin Hotels Partners with TRX to bring Functional Training to over 240 hotels across the globe.

Using TRX Studio Line, Functional Training tools and the TRX App, TRX worked with the Westin to put fitness at guests' fingertips. Maintaining a workout routine can be tough when you’re traveling, so having the the flexibility for the guest to fully customize workouts according to individual fitness goals was key.

TRX and The Westin

Hilton Head Health

David Chesworth, Head Fitness Programmer and Wellness Coach
“We had a few Suspension Trainers in one of our old studios and saw how well they worked with our clientele. When we decided to update the room we thought TRX would be a great company to go with.” This space is complete with eight Bay Units, stocked with Suspension Trainers and equipment from the TRX Functional Training Tools line. The activation also included on-site trainer education, dynamic programming, marketing support, and tools for driving engagement.

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Norwegian Cruise Line
TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer
TRX Commercial Suspension Trainer
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TRX Studio Line
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