Mbody: Strap Into The Movement

Programming Solutions to Supercharge Your Members & Your Bottom Line

The all-new TRX Mbody programming suite represents the first legitimate group training offering, grounded in Suspension Training, yet integrated with a wider variety of functional training tools and cardio.

TRX Mbody leverages the “awareness equity” surrounding the TRX brand within your facility, resulting in a dramatic increase in member retention, acquisition, and revenue.


360-Degree Turnkey Solution

Dynamic Programming

Trainer Education

Marketing Support

Gear & Spatial Design Consult

Program Architecture: 3 Distinct Experiences

TRX Mbody classes are specifically designed to meet the needs of any member, regardless of what their goals are or where they are on their fitness journey. Each experience includes 3 dynamic formats: TRX Straps + Bodyweight; TRX Straps + Functional Training Tools; and TRX Straps + Functional Training Tools + Cardio Equipment. Mbody programming content is refreshed on a quarterly basis.

Designed for members looking to get started on their fitness journey (or for those who new to TRX Functional Training). Mprove arms participants with the experience and confidence to progress into more-advanced and specialized TRX Mbody classes.
Designed for members who want a fast-paced class that will help them work up a sweat, tone up, and lose weight. Mpulse classes offer all the movement-enhancing benefits of Suspension Training with an emphasis on cardio, while seamlessly integrating a wider range of functional training methods.
Designed for members who want a strength-focused workout that will help them build power and increase performance. Mpact classes emphasizes the development of quality functional strength, while increasing lean muscle mass.
Trainer Education

The TRX Mbody suite includes live and digital education that’s specifically engineered to deliver the Mbody workouts. Mbody education provides instructors with a foundational movement-based framework that’s applicable to any level, goal, modality, and overall TRX Mbody class structures.

TRX Mbody Education is a hybrid learning experience that includes both digital and live content, covering the following:

  • Foundations of movement-based training (digital)
  • Hands-on practical application (live)
  • Required teach-back submissions to insure quality and proof of concepts (digital)
  • Access to Mbody programming and workouts (digital)
  • Quarterly up-skilling to coincide with programming refresh (digital)
Marketing Support

TRX will provide you with a marketing toolkit that includes everything you need to successfully launch and sustain your Mbody programs.

Contents include both ready-made assets (like posters & flyers) and materials to build your own assets (like logos & an image library). Assets include:

  • Image library
  • Logos
  • Member-facing videos
  • Posters & flyers
  • Social media assets
  • Free class cards
  • And more...

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