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TRX Provides Customized Solutions for Schools and Universities of All Shapes and Sizes

TRX works strategically with schools, universities and coaches to help create world class Suspension and Functional training experiences for students and athletes of all fitness levels.

We understand that their can be a very broad range of goals for students and athletes, which is why you’ll find TRX Suspension Training is a favorite training tools for PE teachers, students, athletes, University Fitness Centers and coaches across the world.


Leaders in Functional Training
TRX has been leading the functional training charge for well over a decade. No other company has more tenure and expertise in this space as TRX.
Whether it’s upskilling your training staff or engaging your members with our programming and education solutions, TRX will give you the turn-key tools you need to to drive member retention, acquisition, and engagement.
Space Design
TRX will work with you from start to finish to concept, design, develop, and deliver the perfect space to accommodate your functional training needs.
TRX at Red Lion High School

Kids of All Fitness Levels Can Use TRX

TRX has become a staple of the PE and elective programs at Red Lion. As Coach Berkowitz puts it, “it has really taken off and taken on a life of its own.” The PE staff incorporated it into their circuit workouts, which the students love, and the faculty have even created staff-only TRX workshops which have been hugely popular. Moreover, the personal fitness electives are consistently over-filled. Above all, TRX has become the go-to tool for kids looking for an alternative way of training.

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