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Christine Magnuson: Going Places 03.28.12 Athletes + Teams A two-time Olympic silver medalist at the Beijing games, Christine Magnuson has become one of the NCAA’s top swimmers in the free and fly events and swims well in all events. Keep an eye on Christine as she competes to make the US swim team...
A Fitness Evolution 03.28.12 Athletes + Teams Max “The Beast” Myrni is a tour veteran with 14 years under his belt. He is currently ranked #7 in the world. From Belarus, Mirnyi is a doubles specialist but he also enjoys a good singles career, finishing in the top 50 in the world for...
Tyler Stewart: Ironman Champ & Entrepreneur 03.28.12 Athletes + Teams Tyler Stewart is a living testament to the fact that you can balance entrepreneurship with the demands of being a professional triathlete. Not that it’s easy, but Tyler is a uniquely gifted person.    Tyler owns a dog walking...
Brandon Vera: The Truth on TRX 03.28.12 Athletes + Teams   In this video UFC fighter Brandon “The Truth” Vera and TRX founder Randy Hetrick demonstrate TRX exercises that are custom made for MMA fighters.  Once a member of the Air Force Wrestling Team, Vera’s MMA career...
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