Instant Video Instructions

Digital Content Token Redemption instructions

  1. Sign into “My Locker” using your account by clicking on My Locker in the main navigation bar.
  2. If you do not already have an account, you can create one here
  3. Follow these simple steps to redeem your token:
    • Click “Redeem a Token” on the left hand column in “My Locker”.
    • Enter the Token that was provided to you (you can only redeem one code at a time; for multiple codes simply repeat this process).
    • If you are redeeming content for a Suspension or Rip Trainer® you will be asked to enter the serial number on your straps. Where is my serial number?
    • Your digital content will now be available in your library.
    • Videos will be located in the "My Videos" section of My Locker.
    • PDFs will be located in the "My Guides" section of My Locker.
    • From here you can stream or download your videos.


To add  your download to your iTunes/iPad/iPhone/iPod and other mobile devices 

TRX Instant Video Downloads can be viewed by streaming, or downloading and viewing through your computers default media player or player of your choice. We recommend using iTunes/Quicktime ( and VLC ( for the best video playback.

  1. First Open iTunes.
  2. Open the zip file containing your video downloads, at this point they should be in a new (separate) folder.
  3. In iTunes, click the "movies" tab and drag and drop the TRX Training video that you'd like to add into the library. Your video will begin to copy over to iTunes and can now be found under your "movies" library.
  4. To transfer the videos to your iDevice, select your device and under the "movies" tab select "sync movies". You can then click "sync" at the bottom right corner of iTunes.
  5. After your device fully syncs you should now be able to view your content in the "videos" app on your device.

Questions? Contact customer service.

Fitness Anywhere LLC is not responsible for any damages or loss of data that are caused by 3rd party applications downloaded from the web or obtained through other means.

For more information about syncing or uploading video content onto your iPhone/iPad/iPod please visit To view or sync this video through other applications or devices, please refer to the application or device instructions.