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TRX Featured In Men’s Health April, 2014

Posted on Tue, 04 Mar 2014 04:52:00 -08:00

TRX Featured In Men’s Health April, 2014

TRX believes in functional training that produces maximal results, efficiently. That means you should do just what works to reach your goals in sport and life, nothing more and nothing less. That’s what Dan John believes, too.

One of the world’s most influential authorities on training, John has a proven track record of helping people reach their goals whether they’re elite athletes, tactical operators or everyday people who want to lose weight, look good and feel good. Whatever your goal, he believes the TRX Suspension Trainer should be a key piece of equipment you use to reach it.

Recently, Men’s Health spent time in John’s laboratory, a modest two-car garage containing only the essentials for optimizing human performance. To get the most out of your training, John suggests you, “become a minimalist,” and refine your workouts to weed out any inefficiencies, targeting only modalities and exercises that yield maximum gains from a minimum effective dose.

John can choose from any equipment in the world to equip his training facility, but he uses just a few pieces of gear he believes offer the biggest bang for the buck including kettlebells, an Olympic weightlifting set, TRX Suspension Trainers, TRX Rip Trainers and little else.

In this article, you’ll find John’s favorite TRX exercise along with some of the most innovative advancements in fitness. Read on and get stronger today: 

TRX Featured in Men’s Health April, 2014.

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