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TRX Featured in Muscle & Fitness November 2014

Posted on Thu, 23 Oct 2014 04:20:00 -07:00

TRX Featured in Muscle & Fitness November 2014

"In the fitness world, we’re quick to judge programs and training modalities. If something is deemed 'functional,' some assume that it must be lousy at building muscle—as if mass serves no essential function. If you’re looking to build muscle, you’ve likely looked past the TRX straps and gone to the dumbbell rack yet again."

"It’s time to take a closer look at body-weight training, and specifically the TRX. If you’re convinced it can’t help pack dense muscle mass onto your frame, that’s only because you haven’t given it a chance. 'We like to say that the three things the TRX does better than just about anything else are core work, pulling work, and single-limb work,' says Chris Frankel, TRX training head of human performance. 'That said, people are surprised that you can actually get some decent hypertrophy with body-weight work.'" -TRX featured in Muscle & Fitness November 2014, check out the full story here.


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