Asset Guidelines

As a TRX Certified Coach (TRX CORE Member and a TRX Course Grad) you are eligible to not only brag, or shout from the rooftop of your TRX Certified status, but you also have the rights to use our TRX Logo and Branding to advertise your services/business.



Becoming a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach is a special designation within our industry. It is reserved for those who have mastered the principles of the TRX movement-based philosophy and use it successfully with their clients.


To become TRX CERTIFIED®, you must:

  1. Graduate from our Suspension Training Course (STC)
  2. Maintain an active TRX CORE® membership and have paid in full all fees*
  3. Complete a minimum of 4 credit hours of TRX Education annually
  • TRX Education can be consumed via the FREE TRX Academy courses made available in TRX CORE® (over 10+ credit hours available), through exclusive TRX CORE® Webinars, or through TRX Events & Summits. Your TRX Education hours will be tracked in the TRX CORE® platform.


#2- USING THE TRX BRAND a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach, you are authorized to use TRX logos and trademarks in the advertising and promotion of your services. No other trainers can use our logo or trademarks.


Our logos, trademarks, and other brand marks are precious intellectual property of TRX, and we share them with you knowing that you will treat them with the same respect that we do. You are not to alter the marks from the original form provided to you; all colors, shapes, and lock-ups must be used as they were provided to you. Your usage of our marks is limited to the advertising and promotion of your training/coaching services, and for no other commercial purposes (for instance, you may not put our logos on apparel or merchandise that you source and sell yourself).

Other guidelines on our logos and trademarks will be found in the TRX Brand Kit that will be provided to you.  




As a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach, you should apply the principles of the TRX movement-based philosophy through the application of TRX movement standards, communication & cueing techniques.  


TRX is a family where everyone is welcome. As a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach, you have a special role as an ambassador of TRX and our shared values. At TRX, we honor diversity, we seek out inclusion, and we facilitate belonging. Quite simply, we’re on a mission to democratize world-class training, and that starts with you.


Our global community is a responsible group, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t bad actors out there. If you see something wrong, say something. Please report any violations of our rights or of the TRX CERTIFIED®  program. Be mindful, do not conclude on a violation too hastily. In rare cases, some uses may be permitted. Take pictures or names and report at [reporting?] Taking things into your own hands may backfire on you or the TRX brand.



As a TRX CERTIFIED® coach, you are not an employee of TRX; rather, you are a brand ambassador. You are authorized to market your services as a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach in the form of services to clients, members, and athletes, but you are not to be construed or identified in any way that you work for or are employed by TRX Training directly.

Being a TRX CERTIFIED® trainer or coach does not qualify you as a formal TRX Educator™ (a trainer of other trainers). You are not authorized to educate other professionals on TRX Training philosophies or to market education services using the TRX brand.


Only use authentic TRX Suspension Trainers in your services, advertisements, and/or promotions. The use of counterfeit or other competing suspension trainers is not authorized.

In your role as a TRX CERTIFIED® coach, when asked to deliver/perform TRX® classes or one-on-one training sessions at a commercial facility that is not fully using TRX products and anchors, we ask that you guide the facility toward a safer and more respectful use of the technology, including suggesting that they acquire and use TRX products. You have no obligation to report non-TRX products used by the facility, but as a TRX CERTIFIED® Coach you should not personally use non-TRX equipment. If needed, bring your own.


Membership in the TRX CORE gives you the opportunity to financially benefit from the sales of TRX products that you directly influence. (See the CORE program pages for more details.) If you desire to purchase and sell in larger quantities, you must first seek approval from TRX® as this may cause issues with genuine distributors/dealers who often have exclusivity. The goal isn’t to substitute a sale, but rather to promote a new one.

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