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In this two-day course, be among the first to get TRX Certified with the TRX Advanced Group Training Course (AGTC), the pinnacle of your TRX Education Journey. Through the application of TRX’s Group Coaching System, you will master your coaching techniques and learn how to effectively program and deliver elite, customizable TRX Group workouts.

Prerequisites include the Suspension Training Course (STC), in addition to the Functional Training Course (FTC) and/or the Group Training Course (GTC). 


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The TRX Education Journey culminates with our most comprehensive group training course yet. This two-day live course will propel your career and expand your marketability through a comprehensive mastery of group coaching techniques and programming methodology. The AGTC includes personalized and focused feedback with an emphasis on “experience matters”; coupled with the science behind the programming as viewed through TRX lenses. You will leave this course with the knowledge and skills to deliver the ultimate experience in group training.


Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

-Fully apply TRX Foundational Movement Coaching, in small to large group settings   

-Encourage proper positioning and address common faults through cueing

-Deliver individualized training experiences within group contexts

-Address mobility/strength/motor control limitations quickly - for both large and small groups

-Demonstrate competence in TRX Movement-based Training programs

- Apply TRX training principles to other modalities

-Evaluate the effectiveness of each workout through our TRX Programming Lenses

-Create a blueprint to successfully deliver great group experiences to each and every client through an 18-day periodized group program format




PRE WORK will accompany your registration confirmation, and will be your prep work for your first teach-back assignment on Day 1


DAY 1- Coaching Science

-TRX and the TRX Training Philosophy

-Introduction to mobility theory and exercises

-FLAC (Focus, Learn, Apply, and Challenge) application

-TRX Programming Lenses


DAY 2- Experience Matters

- Focus on advanced drills to help you engage more effectively with members and clients to boost retention and build a buzz

- Ensure you leave with the ability to deliver a strong, repeatable TRX Training experience



- Online certification exam to gain status (80% pass score required)



Meticulously designed programming to maximize results and provide the best experience for members of all skill and ability levels. Our programming includes:


  • 18 unique training sessions that have been carefully structured to progress over four, six, or eight weeks, depending on the schedule you choose

  • Each workout includes a warm up, cool down (aka recover/reload), cardio intervals, and teamwork drills

  • Baseline and Finish-Line Testing, which evaluates participants on the first and last day

  • Cooperative and competitive challenges for members built into each session

  • TRX FLAC concept to ensure proper progressions



  • TRX Suspension Training Course (STC) -  May 2015 forward


  • TRX Group Training Course (GTC) and/OR TRX Functional Training Course (FTC)



  • Meet Course Prerequisites

  • Register for the AGTC Course

  • Prepare & Review with Pre-Study Material

  • Attend the two-day course (NOTE: There will be onsite practical evaluations)

  • Complete the post-course online certification exam (within 30 days)



  • TRX Qualification (24,000 TRX Rank Points), Certification and Continuing Education Credits

  • Electronic pre-study material

  • Hard copy course manual

  • 18 hours of live, onsite education

  • Post course theoretical exam

  • Each course limited to 10 attendees 


Additional Information


Upon successful* completion of the TRX Advanced Group Training Course, you will be a TRX Certified Group Trainer. You will receive an electronic version of your TRX Qualification identifying your attendance after the Live Training, and proof of Certification upon successful completion of the live evaluations & online exam, which can be printed for your records and redeemed for CECs. The provider number and number of credits can be found on your Qualification and redeemed on the provider’s website.

*successful completion requires both a PASS in the Live Teach Back Evaluations + a score of 80% or higher on the post-course online exam (to be completed within 30 days of the live course date).

AGTC Graduates will receive CECs from the following organizations: ACE 1.6, NASM 1.8, NSCA 1.6, AFAA 15, Can Fit Pro 4, and PTA Global 15.


PRODUCT DISCOUNTS: Course attendees can purchase TRX products at a special price after the course, and receive an additional USD $200 coupon toward the future enrollment in another TRX Educational Journey course.


COURSE MATERIALS: You will receive an electronic version of your Pre-Work study material at the time of registration, and a printed hard copy Advanced Group Training Course manual on the day of the course.


ONLINE CHECKOUT: At checkout, please select “online delivery” as your shipping method. Note: Nothing will be shipped to you unless you are purchasing additional products - for which, you will be charged standard shipping charges.


COURSE LOCATION DETAILS: Please take a moment to confirm that the course selected for purchase is at your intended location. Visit the courses page and click on the facility name for more information on each specific course location.


CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Course registration fees are non-refundable. Should TRX cancel the course, for any reason, registrants will receive a complete refund. Requests to change registration from one course to another must be made to TRX by email at at least 14 days before the course date. Requests made less than 14 days before the course dates are subject to a $200.00 rescheduling fee. Registrants may transfer their course registration to someone else for a $100.00 fee.


All Registrants must successfully complete the course in order to receive a course Qualification or continuing education credits (CECs). Any registrant missing 90 minutes or more of the course will be ineligible to receive a Qual and CECs. No refunds or credits, whether partial or whole, will be provided to any such registrant.


For all Education inquiries please contact our dedicated education customer service team:

Tel: 888-878-5348


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When you are getting to the point that you want to connect the dots together from STC, FTC, GTC, RTC and be a better coach and program right, AGTC is the one course you need for sure. Well designed with high quality content that will give you different vision about coaching, training and programming. This course is a must for everybody.

This course is the most comprehensive to date. It takes you through so many elements that you learn through the earlier courses, refines techniques & programming, clarifies processes and then takes your TRX coaching, cueing and movement practices up a level. If you want to ensure you're giving your clients and business the most you can, this is an integral part of your education journey. 'Learning from the best makes you the best.'