Buddy Lee Jump Rope

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Developed by Olympian wrestler and jump rope master Buddy Lee, this precision jump rope provides the perfect heart-rate elevating cardio blast for any workout.


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The Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope employs a patented swivel-bearing system and lightweight PVC rope to enable a fluid, tangle-free swing.


Perfect for double unders and high-intensity interval training, the rope comes with a sizing guide and adjuster wrench to enable you to quickly optimize rope length for your height.



Pair it with a TRX Suspension Trainer or a TRX Rip Trainer to get a highly effective, time-efficient conditioning session anywhere you train.


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Horrible. Have a great speed rope that I paid 17 bucks for and it even comes with an extra cord and is adjustable even once cut so more than one person can use it. Thats a winner.

Kind of difficult to straiten the rope, but it's getting better after soaking in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Next to impossible to thread the rope into the swivels. I was able to thread each end about 75% of the recommended distance but no further. Anticipate it will strip out threads one of these days.

This rope moves fast and clean, especially compared to the run-of-the-mill ropes that I have used at the gym. It is a great complement to the TRX suspension trainer.