Flexibility and Balance Workout Bundle

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Open up your body and unlock your full potential with ultimate TRX Flexibility and Balance Workout Bundle.

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Product Information

Critical to any well-rounded training program, flexibility and mobility provide the grist to keep your fitness wheels moving, workout after workout. This bundle contains four of our most effective total-body, flexibility and mobility workouts, to help you move, feel and look better.

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Bundle Contains:

  • TRX Essentials: Felxibility
  • TRX Essentials: Strength
  • TRX Yoga Fusion
  • TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back


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Works well for me!

BE Careful before you purchase this product. TRX provides this content only as an "instant video", which means you have to watch three separate 50+ minutes videos while doing the routines. There is NO PDF or written summary. I don't carry mobile devices when I work out, so this product is essentially useless to me. TRX does NOT provide refunds for instant videos. They got my money, don't let TRX get your money if you want a written summary of each module.


Great info & workouts @ great price