Flexibility and Balance Workout Bundle

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Open up your body and unlock your full potential with ultimate TRX Flexibility and Balance Workout Bundle.

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Critical to any well-rounded training program, flexibility and mobility provide the grist to keep your fitness wheels moving, workout after workout. This bundle contains four of our most effective total-body, flexibility and mobility workout downloads, to help you move, feel and look better.

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Bundle Contains:

  • TRX Essentials: Flexibility Digital Download
  • TRX Essentials: Strength Digital Download
  • TRX Yoga Fusion Digital Download
  • TRX Biomechanics: Healthy Back Digital Download


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Great set of videos - clear and easy to follow. What would be good is to have the work-out with full descriptions and then a second, quicker version with less of the explanations and principles; just the workout.

I'm new at this type of workout, but so far, I really like it...just getting used to the routine!

Great info & workouts @ great price