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Unlock your training potential with the TRX Boot Camp Bundle.

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Product Information

Ready to train more clients simultaneously and deliver results that keep them sprinting back for another helping? Look no further than the TRX Boot Camp Bundle. It includes two TRX PRO Suspension Trainers specifically designed for high-volume use and two TRX Rip Trainers to set your Boot Camp apart from the pack. Make your training business boom with this total TRX makeover.

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Bundle Contains:

  • Two TRX Pro Suspension Training Kits with adjustable foot cradles
  • Trainer Basics download
  • 6 module Suspension Training workout downloads
  • 2 Additional Suspension Training workout downloads
  • Two TRX Rip Trainers
  • 30-minute real-time Rip Training Workout


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I've bought the product after experiencing both TRX & RIP TRAINER as I worked in a studio for functional training. I like both products for their endurane, simplicity, functionality for me as a personal trainer and also for the variety of exercises I get from using these 2 accessories combined.

Awesome product and good price!

Everything you need to start a bootcamp!