The Rip Training Bundle

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Stretch your strength to the limit and beyond with the TRX Rip Training Bundle.

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With four levels of elastic resistance, this bundle has everything you need to slingshot towards your goals, and then some. Start off with the Rip light resistance cord before graduating to the medium resistance cord. Once you’ve mastered the basics, you can step it up to a next-level challenge with with the heavy cord and X-heavy cord. When you’re ready for beast mode, take it to the max with the XX-heavy cord. The Rip Trainer Basic Instant Video Download is a 20-minute course offering complete set-up and use instructions and a range of exercises to challenge the entire body. Learn how to use Rip Training to build core strength, power, flexibility and endurance through movement patterns from everyday life and sports. This kit also includes a 25-page, 18-exercise workout guide, a protective foam door anchor and a lightweight carrying bag. Stretch your limits today.

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