Titleist TRX Golf Workout

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This program improves your game with a complete, customized training program created by the Titleist Performance Institute, featuring founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips.

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Drive for power with the Titleist Gold Workout program DVD. You'll gain crucial shoulder mobility, build lower-body stability, and tap into your full upper-body power. Develop the stance and swing you need to achieve measurable results in your game, and put some distance between you and your golfing buddies. Bring your TRX and this workout with you the next time you travel and you’ll have the perfect companion when you take your game on the road.

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I ordered this and before watching it read the other reviews. I'm thinking, get my money back as soon as I can, but I'll watch it first and give it a shot. I'm glad I did. Sure, it's an old video and doesn't come with the additional materials that newer videos come with. It also is mainly Titleist programming and TRX doesn't teach the moves at their certifications. I still walk away with some interesting ideas and ways of using the TRX in my training. Because of this I think it was worth the value, especially since I got the video with a 20% discount having taken the Sports Medicine cert recently. I'll lend this out to my golfer clientele and it's good reference material to see how TRX evolved and what you can do to go back to the basics. If you don't expect anything from this, you will be happy and get a lot more than you bargained for. Thanks for the attention.

I agree with the other comments -- disappointing. Your other products are so well done, but this DVD is not especially useful, and certainly not user-friendly. It would be great if you would do an upgraded, professional golf routine for the suspension trainer and rip-trainer.

This is a very disappointing product. If you are going to co-brand this with Titleist, then you should have ensured the same production quality as other TRX products, which are excellent. Also a booklet to follow and use the exercises would have been helpful, again available with other TRX DVDs. There is a lot of information; however, production quality is poor, music is poor, exercises are not explained in a thorough manner. So, a booklet would have been helpful. I felt cheated as this DVD is the same price as other TRX DVDs, which provide much greater value. It would be useful to put a booklet together and make it available on your website to be downloaded.

This DVD was not produced by Fitness Anywhere. It was produced by TPI so it is different than other TRX DVD's. You do not get a book with it and the real time workout is not good. There is not anyone walking you through the workout, it is just a video of the workout with really bad music over top of it. There are not any rest breaks in the workout and no one to tell you how to adjust the TRX much less give you a few seconds to actually adjust it. I like the work that TRX puts out and I like the work that TPI puts out but this DVD needs to be redone in my opinion. TRX needs to produce it and do it like the rest of their DVD's. The exercises are great and perfect for the golf swing but the production of the DVD is not great. I gave it 3 stars because the information is great but the delivery is not. Please talk Greg Rose into letting you redo this DVD!!!