Titleist TRX Golf Workout

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This program improves your game with a complete, customized training program created by the Titleist Performance Institute, featuring founders Dr. Greg Rose and Dave Philips.

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Drive for power with the Titleist Gold Workout program DVD. You'll gain crucial shoulder mobility, build lower-body stability, and tap into your full upper-body power. Develop the stance and swing you need to achieve measurable results in your game, and put some distance between you and your golfing buddies. Bring your TRX and this workout with you the next time you travel and you’ll have the perfect companion when you take your game on the road.

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Being in sales and on the road constantly I was looking for something to do and was thinking of the P90X program until a work associate told me about this program this morning. I love golf and just turned 50 so the golf package was the just thing hope to improve my fitness and gold game.

Great work out but I was looking for notes to reference like other TRX dvd's come with a book of exercises

I'm a recreational golfer, but just in the few times I've done this program, I've noticed a difference in the stability of my shoulders in my swing and the power I can create as well. I highly recommend this one!

The trx is incredible. I love it. You can get a great workout from home or in a hotel room that rivals, and in many cases, bests what you can get in a high tech gym.