TRX All Body Flexibility Poster

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Improve your flexibility and strength with 12 easy, total body stretches, clearly illustrated on a tear-proof poster. It's the perfect decoration for your workout room.

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Get a more flexible, mobile body with this 2' by 3' wall-mounted stretching guide. This poster features 12 total body stretching exercises, a tear-proof, spill-resistant surface and handy grommets for easy installation. Life feels better when you move better.

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I agree, seems like you need a visual of the exercises especially when starting out and these posters are way too expensive. For the price of the DVD's maybe there should be one included with each on of those.

Each TRX should come with a basic poster that could be hung on a wall. I work out in my garage and don't have video capability. Until I commit the exercises to memory a poster would be great for reminding me of the different exercises. This could be relatively cheap to produce in a black and white 16 x 24 inch paper. The laminated ones you offer are too expensive.