TRX All Body Strength Advanced Poster

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This 2' by 3' poster lets you take your total body strength to a new level, with or without your trainer. Get all the visual aid and instruction you need for working on advanced level strength with one convenient poster.

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Take your training up a notch, even when your trainer's not around, with this portable, TRX All Body Strength Advanced poster that includes 12 exercises for developing upper body, lower body and core strength. It features a series of clear double images for each exercise, helpful guides for progressing the exercises to make them more challenging and a tutorial on how to quickly adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer for different exercises. This poster is constructed from spill-resistant, tear-proof material and comes with handy grommets for easy installation.

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If there is hard core training regimen out there, I've tried it...and bought the book and the poster. What I like about TRX posters are they are easy to follow, precise and handy. It's a great guide to success.

The All Body Advanced Poster is where it’s AT. If you have the basics down, and want to step it up, here is the answer. I threw one of these up on the wall of my dorm and now have perfect examples of my favorite exercises to look at and memorize.