TRX All Body Strength Poster

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This is the ideal visual exercise guide to use for developing a total body, strength building regimen. Simply hang it wherever you train for a helpful reference.


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Product Information

The TRX All Body Strength poster features:


  • 12 clearly illustrated exercises for building upper body, lower body and core strength.
  • Helpful guides for progressing the exercises to make them more challenging.
  • A tutorial on how to quickly adjust your TRX Suspension Trainer for different exercises.



This 2' by 3' poster is constructed from spill-resistant, tear-proof, material and has handy grommets for easy installation.


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Loved it...

great TRX general exersizes, when it's time to turn the smart phone off and just workout :)

The grommets used to hang the posters were not uniform at all. Some were one inch in and one inch up. Others were half an inch in and three quarters of an inch up. I notified your team, and I have not heard anything back.

always nice to have a visual