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If a lack of time is what is standing between you and your fitness goals, the TRX All Body Xpress workout is the solution for you. Got 25-minutes? We’ve got you covered.


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TRX Director of Education Fraser Quelch gives you a 25-minute real-time workout that hits every part of your body. This download video includes a warm up routine, expert tips and techniques, and a complete, waterproof fold-out set up and use guide. Plus, you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. TRX All Body Xpress takes you through cardiovascular and spot training exercises that target all the major muscle groups. Have a little extra time? Double up the routine for maximum endurance and strength building.

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Excellent workout. Great warmup.

Well explained/demonstrated, easy to follow exercise program.

Great workout, fairly quick throughout each exercise vs a lot of rest/talking, and well explained. Definitely recommend.

Man it made me ache in places I didn't know existed!