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If a lack of time is what is standing between you and your fitness goals, the TRX All Body Xpress workout is the solution for you. Got 25-minutes? We’ve got you covered.


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TRX Director of Education Fraser Quelch gives you a 25-minute real-time workout that hits every part of your body. This download video includes a warm up routine, expert tips and techniques, and a complete, waterproof fold-out set up and use guide. Plus, you can download it to your computer and start your workout today. TRX All Body Xpress takes you through cardiovascular and spot training exercises that target all the major muscle groups. Have a little extra time? Double up the routine for maximum endurance and strength building.

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Started using TRX last week, quit the gym last year because of time, work schedule. I'm not your buffed out athlete,BMI of 15. I have been trying to do my best with the All Body Xpress. What I like is that it is quick, I can adjust to my level and setup and take down is quick and easy. I am already seeing and feeling significant changes and can fit it in between work and watching my baby grandaughter , Dakota.(had to get her in).

I tried this dvd for the first time and kept up with her for some of the exercises. I recommend this dvd for anyone who does not have much time to go to a gym and workout for an hour or more.

DVD is OK, nothing spectacular or fresh. Contains a rather sparse amount of total information, in my opinion. This DVD would be something that should be included with the purchase of the suspension system, not something that you pay $20 extra for.

If you're pressed for time, this is the best quick workout you'll find. It builds strength and cardio conditioning simultaneously. Your core is engaged throughout the workout, and every major muscle group is trained. Once you can keep pace with Michelle on the DVD, you'll be pretty darn fit!