TRX Back & Legs Workout

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This 30-minute real-time workout uses innovative rep schemes and range of motion practices to build strength. Along with the workout, you’ll also get a visual guide (PDF).


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Develop total body strength and endurance with this 30-minute real-time workout that uses creative movements and sequences to challenge your fitness in new and unique ways. First you'll tackle higher repetitions of simpler movements, and then you'll move on to advanced, more challenging movements, all with the goal of building greater overall strength and muscular endurance. This workout is loaded with tips and moves that you can incorporate into other training routines in beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions. All content is easily downloadable to your mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: This is the same workout as TRX TV: TRX Strong.

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This is a great workout. I really enjoyed it this week. I would give it a 5 but the last part is confusing when they do the 3 separate exercises at the same time. I think they should have had each athlete do the same exercise just like the rest of the video, other wise I would have give it a 5.

thanks its a great video

Very useful tutorial - tried the sequence and made it a part of my weekly routine.

Love it!