TRX Boot Camp: Ropes + Straps DVD

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This DVD workout has 50-minutes of heart-thumping, bootcamp-style cardio and strength training featuring former Olympian and "World Jump Rope Wizard" Buddy Lee and TRX inventor Randy Hetrick - former US Navy SEAL.

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Using both the Buddy Lee Jump Rope and TRX Suspension Trainer, this DVD delivers a double shot of total body strength and heart-thumping cardio training that will fire up your metabolism, burn calories and get you stronger and leaner, faster.


Includes a full color, laminated workout guide, warm up and cool down routines, TRX Suspension Trainer set up and use guidelines and a bonus Buddy Lee jump rope clinic.


Plus, you will receive the Instant Video Download of the program immediately so you can download it to your computer and start your workout today.



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I ordered this video to review for my website ( which is a site dedicated to motocross and action sports athletes. I watched the video and generally thought the workout looked pretty good. I let the video sit on my sesk for a few weeks (ok, a month and half) and decided to do the workout for myself tonight. All I can say is, ouch, awesome, cool, hard, ehausting, motivating, and....I'm whipped. Good stuff guys. I highly recommend!

OK, the personal trainer of 13 years just got his butt kicked! and loved it! Yes trainers need to be pushed too and Ropes and Straps did it for me. This dvd workout rocked! It had my heart rate and my muscles pumped up! I can see how I can intigrate this into some of my client's sessions. Looking forward to seeing the results from such a demanding workout. As always great product!

I have hundreds of workout DVDs and have been working out for 11 years using everything from dumbells to kettlebells, but Ropes and Straps has officially become the most challenging workout I own. The workout is a terrific metabolic circuit challenge. Exercising with Randy Hetrick and Buddy Lee is a very motivating experience. I loved the variety of new exercises that I haven't seen in other TRX DVDs. This workout smoked me in a good way. I can't wait to do it again. Please make more workouts with Randy (and Buddy)!

I'm a Personal trainer out of Cleveland, Ohio. I started using TRX in my sessions because of their versatility and portablity. Now it has become a main focus in my sessions. My clients prefer them over other equipment. Some have even purchased their own. The core applications are very intense and I can deliver an exhausting full body session to my clients from various planes of motion and angles. I'm very impressed.