TRX FORCE Level 2 Suspension Training Course (Level 2)

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This Level 2 advanced course teaches you the next level of TRX Suspension Training concepts, exercises and training principles.

Product Information

Previously offered exclusively to the military, this course arms you with advanced TRX coaching and cueing techniques to give your clients results-driven workouts. Building on what you learned from your Level 1 course, you will deep dive into TRX foundational movements and learn new exercises that were developed from our direct work with thousands of service members in every branch of the military using the most recent, cutting-edge science on the application of functional training for tactical athletes.

Upon completion, participants will be able to:
  • Apply advanced coaching and cueing techniques of course exercises
  • Scale Suspension Training exercises to accommodate all levels of fitness
  • Demonstrate exercises from the Tactical Conditioning Program
  • Integrate exercises and workouts from the Tactical Conditioning Program into client’s training programs

PREREQUISITES: In order to register for this Level 2 course, it’s required that you have previously taken a Suspension Training Course (STC), a Group Suspension Training Course (GSTC), Cardio Tennis Suspension Training Course (CTSTC), FORCE Operator Course, or Sports Medicine Suspension Training Course (SMSTC). You will be asked to demonstrate elements of TRX basic use, anchoring and principles in the beginning of the course. The Prep Work will be sent via email prior to the course.

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Upon completion of a TRX FORCE Suspension Training Course, you will receive an electronic version of your TRX Qualification, which can be printed for your records and redeemed for CECs. The provider number and number of credits can be found on your Qualification and redeemed on the provider’s website.

FORCE Trainer Education Graduates will receive CECs from the following organizations: ACE 0.8, NASM 0.8, AFAA 8.0, NSCA 0.8, canfitpro 4.0, PTA Global 7.0, SkillsActive REPS 8.0, (ACSM accepts ACE CECs)

PRODUCT DISCOUNTS: Course attendees can purchase TRX products for a special price after the course.

COURSE MATERIALS: You will receive a TRX FORCE Trainer Course Manual on the day of the course.

Additional Information

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COURSE LOCATION DETAILS: Please take a moment to confirm that the course selected for purchase is at your intended location. Visit the courses page and click on the facility name for more information on each specific course location.

CANCELLATION AND REFUND POLICY: Course registration fees are non-refundable. Should TRX cancel the course, for any reason, registrants will receive a complete refund. Requests to change registration from one course to another must be made to TRX by email at at least 14 days before the course date. Requests made less than 14 days before the course dates are subject to a $100.00 rescheduling fee. Registrants may transfer their course registration to someone else for a $50.00 fee.

All Registrants must successfully complete the course in order to receive a course Qualification or continuing education credits (CECs). Any registrant missing 90 minutes or more of the course will be ineligible to receive a Qual and CECs. No refunds or credits, whether partial or whole, will be provided to any such registrant.

For all Education inquiries please contact our dedicated education customer service team:

Tel: 888-878-5348

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The content was great, I loved all the new ideas. The mobility section was very useful for some of my clients. Unfortunately the trainer wasn't up to the usual high caliber of other TRX trainers. Her lack of professionalism and teaching ability made learning more challenging. However the superior training materials offered helped compensate. I would recommend this training.

I thought Lynne did a nice job of leading the course. She was very personable & helpful. If I was rating the course on content alone, I would only give 2-3 stars for repetition of basic concepts and lack of new material. I was disappointed at the small number of new exercises in the User's Guide--they were mainly variations of old exercises, except for 2-3 new ideas. Also, didn't like that we spent almost an hour reviewing set-up for a Level 2 class, and more disappointed that we spent another 45 minutes on sales & marketing including the TRX Core subscription and other items to purchase. Would rather have spent this time on continuing education.

Just got done with the class this last Sunday up here in Seattle and what a great class and boy did it make me hurt! Learned so much more about the suspension trainer and what it can do. Looking forward to more classes!

I am signed up to take this course on June 30th in Chicago... I can't wait!