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This 30-minute real-time workout will help you develop strength and stability in the hips to prepare your body for explosive, power-building movements.


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The TRX Power Core Workout is all about teaching you how to tap into your body’s secret powerhouse: the hips and glutes. This 30-minute real-time workout is comprised of two main blocks of hip and glute-activating exercises like hinges and lunges followed by a tough metabolic challenge. This is a very challenging workout but it features beginner, intermediate and advanced progressions for you to master, whatever your level. All content is easily downloadable to your mobile device.

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I really enjoyed this workout, although it was sometimes difficult to read the pose because of lack of camera angles. The exercises were suited to a vertical setup with lots of empty space around the cradles (such as hanging from a bar or cieling), and not so much for an at-home door setup. I was able to improvise.

it's a great total body workout!

An intensive workout - not for the de-conditioned.

Good workout, but you don't know until you buy it that you need items besides the trx, and there's no adaptation for trx setup that's on a wall instead of right above. So I found out after purchase that I can't do the full workout. Disappointing.