TRX Rip™ Trainer Heavy Resistance Cord

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The TRX Rip Trainer heavy resistance cord dials up your Rip Trainer workout by providing 25 lbs. of resistance.


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Product Information

This TRX Rip Cord offers 25 pounds of resistance.


It is recommended for seasoned athletes looking to add more difficulty and intensity to their routine. It should be used by athletes weighing more than 150 pounds.


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Great addition to the Rip Trainer!

For those with exceptional strength and stability through the kinetic chain, this is for them. For those injured, start with the light cord. Stability, stamina, then strength. This heavy cord comes last in the sequence - what a challenge!

This cord provides me excellent resistance training. It's high quality and I am sure it will last. My lighter weight cord is several years old and in great condition!

It's good for what it is. You could save a few bucks and buy some resistance bands and not lose much but at $20-$25 these are a reasonable deal. The bar? Not so much since you're effectively paying over $150 for something you can put together at Home Depot for about $20.