TRX Rip™ Trainer Medium Resistance Cord

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The TRX Rip Trainer medium resistance cord offers the standard entry level resistance for the TRX Rip Trainer and offers you a scalable and challenging workout.


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Product Information

This TRX Rip Cord offers 20 lbs. of resistance and provides the optimal amount difficulty for almost all fitness levels.


As the cord that comes standard with the Rip Trainer, it provides a great baseline for anyone getting into TRX Rip Training.

It is ideal for individuals weighing from 110 to 140 lbs. who exercise on a regular basis.


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Better Bodies Tucson used the TRX rip trainer on a regular basis with clients of all walks of life. Justin

Does not seem to last very long

I have been a TRX user for many years and have enjoyed using the product with my clients. I do have a issue with the medium cord breaking to easy. I don't know what TRX needs to do to fix the problem, but they need to look into it.

Great product.