TRX Rip™ Trainer X-Heavy Resistance Cord

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This Rip Trainer cord delivers an intense total-body challenge. It is recommended for very fit, athletic individuals who have a stable core and weigh over 165 lbs.


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Product Information

This TRX Rip Cord packs 38 lbs. of resistance.


As the name suggests, the TRX Rip Trainer x-heavy cord will challenge your balance, stability and athleticism and deliver a more intense workout. It is recommended for people who are in very good shape and are somewhat familiar with Rip Training movements. Ideal for athletes engaged in contact sports.


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Love the X-Heavy cord. Bring you to a whole new level!

I have had the medium resistance cord for many years now and I need I step up. It heavier cords are nice progressions as you get strong!

This resistance cord by itself or combined with other cords provides varying degrees of resistance to your workout. Highly recommended.

Great! Wonderful addition to the Rip-Trainer. Just made it more difficult! Love it!