TRX T-Shirt - Women's

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The quintessential, form-fitting women's t-shirt with a technical twist: a cotton-modal blend for reduced shrinkage and odor.

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Our signature logo t-shirt will be your 'go to' workout shirt.

Athletic/trim fit stays soft and keeps its color wash after wash.

Available in Yellow, Black or Grey. Made in the USA.


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The shirt runs small. I normally wear a small so that is what I ordered. It was WAY too tight so I had to send it back and order a medium. Medium fits much better but I only put it in the dryer for 5 minutes. Other than the size problem I like the shirt.

I dnt knw what ya'll complainin about the size. The size fits true. If thats the case like everybody say to buy a size up, I guess America's labeling standards shifted. I was small or medium 15 years ago in highschool now i grab the small of the trx womens shirt and it fits me same as 15 damned years ago (im30), I can still do the xsmall because it stretches but I don't like the stretched fit, I like the comfy fit. But I guess what was considered large then is medium now? Given the shift of average size of the amrican populace, I guess can't blame ya'll for complainim ;). For the people who are near their stores, lucky bcz u can try one for size before buying. But for the rest of us unlucky peeps I suggest only buy one shirt to try to see the fit and get a size up. I ordered a size up the first time bcz ya'll complainin about the size and it ended up a little to big for me but hey I will still wear the medium regardless. I just got my small one so I'm happy! I LOVEEE these shirts!!. oh btw my raw measurements: bust is 36 (brasize36C) waist about 29-30 depends on the time of the month ;P shoulders about 14.5 inches ( measured from bony prominence on shoulders, the one that is the end of the clavicle bone- medical term search it if u dnt know what it is) so u guys decide from that. Since I got the small and medium sizes shirt these are how they measure for the YELLOW w/ black TRX logo SMALL- (from one armpit to the other: 42.5cm/ 16.75in; shoulders 37cm/14.5in; length- 63cm/25in) MEDIUM (47cm/18.5in; shoulders: 40.5cm/16in; length-63cm/25in) I got the Black on black too the difference was the black was a teeny tiny shorter L- 62cm/24.5in. Hope this might help on buying the sizes ;D

Excellent fit.

Love the way it fits. It's light and comfy!!