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Develop a python-like grip with the only tool specifically manufactured and tailored to help climbers build up power, flexibility and endurance from fingers to wrists.

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Build hand strength like a Navy SEALs’ lead climber. The patented design of the TRX Talon Trainer lets you train fingers in any combination, at virtually any angle, with over a dozen unique grip configurations. And because it's portable, you can attach it to your TRX Suspension Trainer and harness it to any door or a tree outside and get your hands in optimum climbing condition.

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There should be instructions included with the talon trainer.

I've had this product in my gym (GET-FIT) , for a week and all my trainers love it. I'm here again to buy another one.

Am kind of disappointed as a beginner because of the lack of tutorials (video/pdf etc) for what could be a great TRX accessory: 1) you get nothing apart from the included instructions which only shows you front and back view of finger combos, thats it; 2) you neither get safety instructions like what not to do, when not to and why not do it in xyz positions; 3) Nor instructions on what, where and how to use it and for which exercises unless you get creative referring to point 1 above while not knowing the risk/injuries you can have. Hope this review help you to decide on whether to buy it or not.

The TRX Talon Trainer is extremely well made and is an fantastic accessory to my TRX Force. I do Obstacle Course Races and grip strength matters.